Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Sh Ch Llanstinan Llewelyn Show Champion Rockabee Blue Peter of Sandylands Rocheby Navy Blue (ccw) Rocheby Sailing By
Cambremer Royal Velvet at Rocheby
Sandylands Gypsy of Rockabee Champion Sandylands My Guy
Sandylands Special Song
Susan Said So At Llanstinan (rccw) Hazelbeach Hoorah Henry of Llanstinan Linjor Fireflint
Sandylands Moire of Hazelbeach
Lewisan Love Quest Lewisan Lanyard
Lewisan Melody Maker
Foulby Tranquil Sea Weymouth Harbour Master at Rooklane (Imp) Borowicks Winning Tradition Champion Beechcrofts Regal Air
Champion Borowicks Winning Colours
Ridgeways Moonlit Harbour Champion Willcares Masterpiece
Donalbain Moonsail
Foulby on the Horizon Show Champion Foulby Nut Cracker Davricard Bobby Shafto
Brenneil Brilliantly of Follytower
Show Champion Cuanbank Island Mist at Foulby Cannonridge Jackdaw
Foulby Classic

Some of Charly's puppies

D O B 29/05/07
 Hip Score 5/5 /Elbow Score 0
Optigen GPRA Clear by Parentage
 / Current Clear Eye Certificate

Charly is available at stud to suitably tested bitches

Charly Brown